csu outdoor club

About us

The CSU Outdoor Club is a student organization that leads outdoor trips every week! If you are as passionate about the outdoors as we are, stop by at one of our planning meetings!

How do I join?

Talk to one of our officers at any of our planning meetings! Every other Wednesday! We are still finding a permanent room for the semester!

How will I sign up for trips?

Whenever a trip is announced, the google doc will be posted on this website! The sooner you sign up the better because most trips get full pretty quickly!

What gear will I need?

Since Gear requirements will be specific to the trip you're going on, we will have all the gear you need in the google doc signups!

I don't have gear :(

Fear not! The CSU Rec Center has a rental program for all kinds of outdoor gear! You can either pay to rent gear for the semester or for the month! Click here to find out more about the rental program

How much will it cost?

For only 10$ you'll be able to sign up for all of our trips throughout the school year! once you're a member you'll have access to discounts from our sponsors too! our planning meetings will also occasionally have raffles and giveaways! You can also Venmo the total to Bella-outdoorclub with your name!

Where are the meetings held?

Planning meetings are held every other Wednesday @8pm. We are still trying to find a permanent room for the semester and will have that info soon! Avo's social meetings will return when the weather improves!

Are you affiliated with the CSU shovel club?

No! The CSU outdoor club does not condone nor associate with shovel club events.

Do you do anything other than Outdoor trips?

Yes! We have occasional social events, movie nights and we are always open to new ideas!